• English (United Kingdom)
  • French (Fr)

Whether you want to define a scope of work or show your know-how, you want your translations to reflect your expectations and competences.

If you choose to entrust your texts to a translator with proven expertise in your field, you ensure that the technical aspects of your message are understood and translated in their integrity, and that the vocabulary accurately conveys your meaning.

Tektrad brings you this additional expertise that makes "a word" of difference.

We specialize in

  • civil engineering
  • earthworks
  • roadwork
  • foundations including deep and special foundations
  • infrastructures
  • steel structures
  • mechanical engineering
  • mining
  • renewable energy
  • power and electricity
  • airports

Tektrad can translate all kinds of technical / general documents, including :

  • work package specifications
  • contracts (construction, engineering, etc.)
  • permits & consents
  • construction documents, standards, specifications, drawings, etc.

Languages that can currently be translated by TeKtrad are :

  • English > French
  • Spanish > French
  • Portuguese > French

We can also provide interpreting services for your technical and commercial meetings in New-Caledonia and we can help you find and meet new clients, participate in bids, etc.

Our local knowledge will be yours !